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  • Our Soy Wax

    Our candles are made with soy wax that is sourced from non-GMO and pesticide-free growers. This high quality beginning is a beautiful base onto which we add botanical essential oils and a cotton wick for the cleanest of candle experiences. The burn time performance of soy wax exceeds paraffin by an average of 5 times longer due to it‘s all botanical origin and it‘s cooler burn temperature. Soy candles also contain the added benefit of being water soluble and therefore easy to clean up with soap and water. You can use your soy candle as a skin lotion for massage and hydration purposes as well. Dip you finger into the melted wax pool of our container candles and spread the moisturizing benefits of soy onto your skin. *Not recommended for persons with soy allergies or with tealight and votive sized candles.

    Available Candle Sizes

    Please read about your candle sizing options at the top of the "Shop" page before making your scent selection.